The Perpetual Help Medical Center (PHMC) respects the privacy rights of all individuals and is committed to handling personal data responsibly and in accordance with the Republic Act 10173, known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and its pertinent rules and regulations, because your privacy is important to us.

This is not a consent form but this is PHMC’s general statement on its data processing activities to notify Data Subjects of Personal Data processed and the purpose and extent of processing. PHMC may further provide other notices at the time of specific activities.

PHMC collects the following data: 1) Personal details- name, birth, gender, civil status and affiliations; 2) Contact information- address, email, mobile and telephone numbers; 3) Medical information- physical, psychiatric and psychological information; 4)Employment information- government-issued numbers, position and functions; 5)Applicant information- academic background and previous employments; 6) Academic information- grades, course and academic standing; 7) Supplier and 3rd Party Provider information- company profile, DTI/ SEC registration, business permits and licenses, BIR registration and other business related information. PHMC may likewise collect other information that it believes are relevant to meet the requirements of government authorities and for any other legitimate purposes.

PHMC processes data to: 1) Conduct its functions, perform its obligations, and exercise its rights as a healthcare service provider; 2) Act for the holistic welfare of patients, service recipients, and their respective representatives and companions; and, 3) Manage its affairs as a company, medical, and educational institution with its own obligations and rights.

The PHMC Website uses cookies to personalize the user’s browsing experience, link to social media sharing, troubleshoot issues, and monitor site visits and NOT in any way collect personal information for any form of processing.

PHMC collects Personal Data through submission by the Data Subject and by affiliates through electronic systems and platforms, e-forms, email, or through printed forms, attachments, and other documents required by its medical and administrative offices at the onset of service, transaction or processing. With regard to personal data from affiliates, PHMC maintains a Data Sharing Agreement particularizing the obligations of the parties thereto foremost of which is its protection and privacy.

PHMC collects Personal Data from Patient at entry points or upon registration at Inpatient, Outpatient and ER departments.

PHMC stores and protects data in physical and electronic forms: Managed by its medical and administrative offices, physical records in folders/ envelopes are ultimately stored in box files in shelves in a dedicated secured area while electronic records are stored in secured servers with high availability and redundancy.

PHMC collects and uses Personal Data proportionately as necessary for its legitimate purposes in providing best service to patients in accordance with the PHMC policies and in compliance with the DPA of 2012 and requirement of the Department of Health and other government bodies.

PHMC retains data in accordance with its policies on retention compliant to government rules and regulations, such as but not limited to, those from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the Department of Health (DOH), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth), the Local Government Units (LGUs), among others.

Contact:Contact: Inquiries and concerns on data privacy may only be directed to PHMC Data Protection Office: PHMC

Address: Alabang-Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Pinas 1704

Telephone: 8874-8515

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Corporate profile

The Perpetual Help Medical Center - Las Piñas (PHMC-LP)

Is one of the best-equipped Level 3 medical centers in Southern Metro Manila with a bed capacity of 285. For almost 45 years now, PHMC-LP has provided exemplary medical care to the South’s increasing population and rapidly growing communities. PHMC-LP utilizes the dynamic combination of credentialed and highly trained physicians who are experts in their specialties, competent nurses and other allied medical personnel, and the most advanced tools of medicine available to achieve quality diagnoses, treatments, and patient care.

As the country’s first Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Affiliated Reserve Medical Center, PHMC-LP is also ready and able to respond to national emergencies. Equipped with state-of-the art diagnostic machines, treatment modalities, and a comprehensive range of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services, PHMC-LP has made high quality, holistic healthcare accessible to all Filipinos. It has continuously upgraded its facilities and services, because of its commitment to bring state-of the-art technology and world-class medical care closer to residents of Las Piñas, Parañaque, Cavite, Laguna, and beyond, regardless of race, religion, and status in life.


The PHMC-LP will be the premier institution in medical services, medical and paramedical education, research and training, dedicated to life and God’s glory


Be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians, students and employees in recognition of our quality patient care services and excellent training programs.

Be the recognized leader in healthcare technology in the Philippines.

Be an icon in the exercise of corporate social responsibility as exemplified by our Mother of Perpetual Help by rendering service to the less fortunate and to the community as a whole.

Be a strong pillar to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as its first Affiliated Reserve Medical Center in the country.

Be a firm advocate of health and safety and enhancing the quality of life in the community through prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of diseases by providing continuing care.

Dedicated to Life

UPHDMC is committed to provide quality healthcare services by


Updating ourselves with the latest innovation in health care technology;


Providing consistent customer satisfaction;


Helping our community through our corporate social responsibility;


Delivering prompt medical Services appropriate to patients' need


Meeting relevant statutory and regulatory requirements; and


Continually improving our performance

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