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Why Do You Need Pap Smear Treatment In Las Piñas?

A gynecologist performing a pap smear

Why do you need a pap smear treatment in Las Piñas?

  1. When Do I Need To Get A Pap Smear?
  2. What Happens During A Pap Smear?
  3. Early Detection
  4. Cancer Prevention


How do you determine if women are living a healthy lifestyle? Some may say through regular exercise and eating a proper diet. Although these are true, being a woman means you need additional maintenance for health and wellness. These include regular health screenings specifically needed for women. One of the most critical screenings women should do is getting a pap smear in Las Piñas at the Perpetual Help Medical Center.

Regular screenings may prolong your lifespan, improve your quality of living, or may even save your life. To learn more about pap smears and the reasons why you should be undergoing them, read on.


When Do I Need To Get A Pap Smear?

A gynecologist talking with a patient about a pap smear

The need for regular screening increases as you age. For pap smears, it is recommended that women over 21 get regular pap smears every three years, even if you don’t have cervical concerns. Some women who are sexually active, HIV-positive, or have weakened immune systems from chemotherapy or an organ transplant may need more frequent tests.

If you are over 30 and have had no negative pap smear results so far, a pap smear with an HPV screening should be done for the prevention of HPV. HPV is a virus that increases a women’s chance of getting cervical cancer. Regardless of your age, pap smears should be a part of your regular screenings because the HPV virus can suddenly become active after being dormant for a long period of time.


What Happens During A Pap Smear?

A patient about to get a pap smear

What is a pap smear? When undergoing a pap smear or a pap treatment, you will first be asked to lie back on the examination table with your knees up and with your feet inserted in stirrups. Then, they will insert a medical tool called the speculum into the vagina to thoroughly examine the cervix. This procedure isn’t painful, although you may feel a slight pinching or pressure. Ultimately, they take a sample of the cervical cells using a spatula to send them for testing.

Remember to let your doctor know if you are on your period because menstruating can affect your pap smear results. To increase its accuracy, if sexually active, avoid sexual intercourse a day before the test. Alongside this, avoid douching, using tampons, vaginal lubricants, and vaginal sprays as well.


Early Detection

A woman showing her scars after surgery

As stated above, pap smears can easily determine if you have abnormal cervical cells that can put you at risk for HPV and cervical cancer. Your gynecologist can also detect if you have gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other sexually transmitted diseases. With an early diagnosis, highly effective treatment is usually possible. If left untreated, these precancerous tumors will gradually grow in large numbers, become cancerous, and even spread to other parts of the body.


Cancer Prevention

A teal ribbon signifying fight against cervical cancer

A pap smear is typically done or recommended as a screening procedure for cervical cancer. This procedure can help prevent cancer by determining the abnormal cells that are present on the cervix. It can then immediately be removed before they turn into cancerous cells. In fact, studies show that cervical cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths back in the day. The numbers were greatly lowered once pap smears became readily available.

One of the reasons why women are highly recommended to take pap smears is because most women don’t experience cervical cancer symptoms until it has progressed to an advanced stage. However, schedule a pap smear immediately if you are undergoing these common cervical cancer symptoms:

  • Vaginal bleeding when not on period
  • Excessive heavy flow
  • Foul order of vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain when urinating


Key Takeaway

Along with doing regular exercise, stress management, eating a healthy diet, and consuming vitamins, undergoing a pap smear in Las Piñas is also vital to promote good health. Remember that the best cure for any health concern is prevention. Your cervical disease is preventable and can be managed much better if identified earlier on. Your doctors at the Perpetual Help Medical Center are most familiar with your health needs so it is best to take their advice to improve the quality of your life.

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