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Why Are Mental Health Workshops Important for Employees?

Why Are Mental Health Workshops Important for Employees?

Why Are Mental Health Workshops Important for Employees?

  1. They reduce workplace stress and anxiety.
  2. They raise productivity.
  3. They prevent mental illnesses.
  4. They guide people through big changes happening in the company.
  5. They foster better relationships among team members.
  6. They contribute to a safe and considerate working environment.

Mental health is an important discussion for any day and age, but it has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation these days, even in the workplace. 

Companies of all shapes and sizes are now beginning to recognize the significance of not just physical but also psychological health, mainly because of the great impact it poses on employee wellbeing.

But why, exactly, are mental health workshops important for employees? These initiatives are considered one of the best ways a company can boost its employees’ mental health. While these cannot fully diagnose or treat those working through mental conditions, they do have several benefits. 

Let’s take a look at why mental health workshops are important, and how your employees can benefit from them.

They reduce workplace stress and anxiety

Almost 60% of the world’s population have jobs. Back in 2019, an estimated 15% of working-age adults had some form of mental illness. There’s sure to be some overlap between these two statistics, but even without the facts, one thing many people can agree on is that the workplace can be a very stressful place at times.

Mental health workshops for employees focus specifically on workplace-related stress and anxiety. They tackle things like high pressure, job security, team motivation, leadership, resilience, and crisis management, plus more specific issues the team is facing. 

In doing so, these are excellent ways to examine both the causes and effects of stress and anxiety in the working environment.

They raise productivity and morale

They raise productivity and morale

Did you know that the world loses an estimated 12 billion working days every year due to depression and anxiety? That’s a lot of productivity lost, but more importantly, it’s a lot of people suffering from a quiet but deadly condition.

Mental health workshops allow these people to feel seen and heard. They open the conversation, give employees a chance to air out concerns, and encourage feedback on how management can help.

This may not only improve their productivity and morale but can also help them better manage their stress. These three factors can help your people thrive in their roles. In some cases, this might just be the tool you need to help individuals reach their highest professional potential. 

They prevent mental illnesses

Studies show that mental illnesses don’t develop overnight. Most of them are caused by stress and triggered by specific events or toxic conditions. Therefore, having an environment that lessens these anxiety-inducing triggers or at least provides an outlet for the employee to talk about them goes a long way.

Work doesn’t always have to be a cause of stress—in fact, it can be the opposite.

They guide people through big changes happening in the company

Every company goes through milestones and setbacks. When big changes happen, it’s not just management that feels the impact. Employees, who many times are working on the frontlines, feel those effects too.

Every so often, it’s good to check in with your team to see how they’re doing, and landmark events are excellent opportunities to do so. Mental health workshops are the perfect avenues to start this conversation.

Not only is it a great way to keep productivity and morale up (as we mentioned earlier), but it can also keep your teams more agile and resilient when it comes to change. Be it changing roles, or a shift in responsibilities, keeping these avenues open can help them face new and difficult hurdles in their work. 

They foster better relationships among team members

They foster better relationships among team members

Mental health workshops can double as team-building events, too. They focus on the overall well-being of not just individuals but teams as well.

They can boost camaraderie, cooperation, friendly competition, and team spirit by working on your team’s communication. Be it within the team or to clients, among peers or toward supervisors, in the workplace or at home, a mental health workshop can guide your employees through any kind of important conversation.

They contribute to a safe and considerate working environment

The Mental Health Act, which was approved in the Philippines back in 2018, requires employers to have policies and programs in place that help people with mental conditions. Beyond the obligation, though, as a leader, you should be considerate of the people you’re in charge of.

Statistics have proven that employees who feel safe and valued at their jobs stay longer at them, have fewer issues with management, and are more productive. It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Key Takeaway

Thankfully, the conversation on mental health has been flowing for years now. Be a part of the change that’s slowly making the world a better, more conscious, and considerate place.

You now know why mental health workshops are important, so there’s no time to lose. Create a better, friendlier, and safer work environment for the people who need it most: your employees.

If you want to know more, or are interested in booking a mental health workshop, look no further. At PERPETUAL HELP MEDICAL CENTER-LAS PINAS, our dedicated Mind Care Center offers psychological assessment, psychotherapy and counseling, clinical consultation, and yes, even seminars and workshops for employees! Contact us today to get started.

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