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Basic Executive Check-Up

Executive check up or health screening can help you to detect the unnoticeable health risks and illness. Sometimes, we realize it too late that you or your loved ones have already caught a disease or have the potential to have a disease. PHMC-LP has made it reasonable and affordable for everyone to avail of an executive check-up. Don’t wait for tomorrow, make an appointment today!

PHMC-LP Executive Health Services (EHS) offers you the lowest basic executive package priced at P3,500. You can also avail of our basic cardiac package for as low as P4,000. Other packages available: diabetes, thyroid, hepatitis package, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, stone screening, basic prostate screening and comprehensive executive check-up. We also have add-on services with 10% discount: spirometry, prostatic specific antigen,body fat analysis, pap smear, bone densitometry, transvaginal ultrasound,whole abdomen ultrasound, digital mammography, and comprehensive executive check-up with overnight accommodations.

There are also pedia packages (CBC, urinalysis, fecalysis), pedia packages with x-ray, dengue package, pedia package + dengue and child obesity package. Check out poster for more details or call us today at (02) 8874-ALTA / (02) 8874-8515 loc. 168.

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