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World Kidney Day

On National Kidney Day, Perpetual Help and Medical Center-Las Piñas would like to remind everyone that it is important to look after your kidneys. With the theme “Kidney Health for All,” it is important to note that chronic kidney disease is common and harmful. One out of 10 adults have it and if left untreated, it can be deadly.

Kidney-related mortality also continues to increase yearly and is projected to be the 5th leading cause of death by 2040. Hence it is important to be aware of the disease and to keep track of the health of your kidneys.

You may be at risk for kidney disease if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure or you’re more than 60 years old.

At the first signs of kidney disease, such as feeling more tired or having trouble concentrating, having trouble sleeping, dry and itchy skin, feeling the need to urinate more, blood in your urine, foamy urine, persistent puffiness around your eyes, get yourselves checked immediately!





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