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World Kidney Day

This year’s theme for the celebration of World Kidney Day, “Living Well with Kidney Disease”, is aimed at increasing education and awareness about effective symptom management of kidney ailments, empowerment of patients, and consequently, encouraging life participation.
Suffering from kidney disease can be a huge challenge not only for the patient but for the people around them. A person with kidney problems will not be able to participate in everyday activities and will have to deal with the disease’s side effects like fatigue, pain, depression, cognitive impairment, gastrointestinal and sleep problems. The patient and his or her family need to know that there is an institution that will support them, especially during this time of a pandemic and challenging period.
Let us help you.

You may call our Kidney Transplant Unit at the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Pinas, located at Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City, with telephone number (632) 88748515 local 239.


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