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With the mission to be the hospital of choice and be recognized as a leader in the healthcare technology in the Philippines, Perpetual Help Medical Center is extending its capabilities and is breaking the barriers for hospitals in the Philippines. SEO Philippines has helped Perpetual Help Medical Center penetrate the online market, give patients quick access to PHMC’s services, and informational articles for education.

Best Hospital in the South

Perpetual Help Medical Center has been serving those that are in need of medical assistance in Las Pinas and the southern Manila area for almost 40 years. Located along Alabang Zapote road, PHMC is accessible for both patients, students, and doctors. We are one of the most popular hospitals in the south and one of the best when it comes to service and medical equipment.

PHMC is recognized as a Level 3 medical center in Southern Metro Manila as we are recognized as one of the best-equipped hospitals in the area. PHMC is home to highly competent and trained nurses, physicians, and other allied medical personnel who can provide quality healthcare and are always ready to attend to people’s needs.

Services we Provide

We are capable of providing a wide range of healthcare services. Our expertise is mainly on comprehensive cancer care, we have a heart institute, minimally invasive surgery, kidney transplant, neurosciences services, and integrative medicine. We also have a center for Women’s Healthcare and Diagnostics as well as a Lifestyle and Wellness center where we can provide patients assistance in maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle to treat medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and nutrition deficiency.

Our doctors’ directory consists of more than 700 licensed doctors with a vast variety of specialties so we can be sure that any medical assistance our patients need can be attended to. We also provide different promotions and packages to make healthcare services more accessible to people.

PHMC Goes Online

Our vision was to create an online platform to allow give our patients access to all the information that they need to make it easier for them. We wanted to have our Doctors’ directory be available online so patients can easily communicate with our doctors, we want our promotions to be updated, and promote a healthy lifestyle by publishing informative articles.

And so in early 2018, we acquired the services of a web development company to create, the official website of Perpetual Help Medical Center Las Pinas. The goal was to create a website that is simple and can be navigated by people from all walks of life. The project kicked off and was finished in a few months. We saw that it was effective because, in just a few months, people who are looking specifically for information about PHMC started flocking to the website. We were happy with the results, but we didn’t stop there.

Investing in SEO

Because we believed that we can tap a bigger audience than just those who are specifically looking for PHMC, we decided to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO. PHMC partnered with a nearby SEO agency, SEO Hacker, a well-known SEO agency in the Philippines and is regarded as one of the best SEO companies in the Philippines. It is lead by their CEO and founder, Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si.

The goal of the campaign was to extend the reach of PHMC’s website by target keywords that are specific for people looking for healthcare services while ultimately being the number one hospital in the area when it comes to the search results. We wanted to be the go-to hospital in the area but also want to attract people who are looking for healthcare services outside of our immediate vicinity. We wanted to aid people who cannot look for the services that they need by informing them that we have what they need.

The campaign started by optimizing the whole website. The website was good, but we believed it wasn’t great. The website went through a revamp. An overhaul of the design, improvement of speed, and optimization of the interface. After the website revamp was finished, five landing pages were published to target specific keywords and take PHMC at the top of the search results.

Informational health articles were also published to extend our knowledge to our patients. This is one of our main goals and we achieved it by publishing 4 health articles per month. Not only did these bring more traffic to the website but it also helped a lot of our patients.

We could say that though the campaign has not yet reached its peak, we are already successful because we are able already to grow our visitors beyond those who already know PHMC.

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