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ALTA Integrative Medicine

ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex

The ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex of the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Pinas is the first of its kind in a tertiary hospital set-up in the Philippines to offer a genuinely comprehensive range of services aimed to help our patients achieve and sustain their well-being.  Our team of medical experts are highly trained to lead and involve our patients in their journey of finding the best personalized medical care.

ALTA Integrative Medicine and Wellness Complex offers a wide array of advanced scientific procedures which can help not only in treating our patients’ illnesses, but also in promoting the healthiest approach for their lifestyles and behaviors for them to attain a much improved overall wellness being through one of the modern treatment methods in the industry today….

ALTA Integrative Medicine

  • Age Management and Lifestyle Modification.
  • Functional and Personalized Hormone Restoration Therapy.
  • Gynecomastia and Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Non-Surgical Prostate Management/Erectile.
  • Musculoskeletal Pain.
  • Medical Fitness

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