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What is 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis?

A doctor and a 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis machine

What is 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis?

  1. A Safer And More Effective Way Of Detecting Cancer Cells
  2. Detects Density of Breast Tissues
  3. Eliminates The Need For A Biopsy
  4. It Can Detect More Cancers


Throughout the years, industries have been looking for more and more ways to improve the efficiency of our daily lives. This is in order to improve productivity, produce better quality products, and add more value to our routines. Hospitals and other medical facilities benefit greatly from this because of technological advancements. These innovations improve healthcare services, produce better results, and encourage more effective healing for patients.

Today, early detection through advanced technology has been able to reduce the number of deaths caused by diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer. To detect breast cancer or other breast complications, your doctor may recommend a 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis exam. This test was created to become a modern type of digital x-ray that produces 2D and 3D pictures of the breasts. Read on to identify its benefits and how excellent it can be for patients experiencing breast complications:


A Safer And More Effective Way Of Detecting Cancer Cells

A 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis machine

Before the rise of the 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis, breast cancer detection was done through x-rays, ultrasounds, and ultraviolet rays. While they have been proven to be efficient and useful, there are risks to undergoing the exams multiple times. The accumulation of radiation in our bodies from these pieces of equipment eventually takes a toll and makes us weaker. When a 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis is performed, there is still an amount of radiation rushing through our bodies. However, its advanced features lessen the need for you to undergo further procedures and x-rays.


Detects Density of Breast Tissues

A doctor looking at a breast ultrasound

Breast tissues are composed of milk ducts, glands, and fatty tissues. One of the reasons why you may need to undergo multiple tests is if your breast contains dense tissue that blocks out what can be seen. A 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis possesses the greatest advantage of seeing past this dense tissue. The clearer image it produces makes it easier to detect breast cancer in women.


Eliminates The Need For A Biopsy

A young girl getting a 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis test

A biopsy is known to be a popular form of diagnosing most types of cancer. The invasive procedure is done to test if the abnormalities in your body are indeed caused by cancer or other possible conditions. Studies have shown that women who undergo 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis have reduced breast biopsy rates because of its advanced capabilities.


It Can Detect More Cancers

A woman with breast cancer posing

Since this technology is adapted faster and more efficiently, the results of a 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis test can detect types of cancer faster compared to standard digital mammography alone. With cancer, it’s best to catch it at an earlier stage to immediately begin treatment. With an advanced procedure such as this, you can lessen your chances of attaining a more elevated stage of cancer.


What’s the Difference between Digital Mammo and 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis?

A doctor looking at mammographs

When experiencing breast complications, doctors may likely suggest that you first undergo a procedure such as a digital mammogram. More often than not, they may ask you to return after a few weeks to obtain your results. If the doctors find a suspicious growth, you may be asked to take another test or ultrasound for a more thorough look.

Another reason why you may be called back is if the results of your digital mammogram come up unclear. This may be caused by dense breast tissue that makes it hard to see past certain parts. In this case, the patient may need to undergo a breast MRI for a clearer image. All of these waiting and non-stop appointments may be frightening for a number of women. This is where 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis comes in.

With 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis, the chances of you getting called for another screening or test are considerably lowered. This technology excellently distinguishes overlapping tissues from cancerous growths. The procedure is similar to the standard digital mammogram, but the results are more noticeable and efficient.


Key Takeaway

3D Mammo Tomosynthesis has improved the speed and efficiency of breast cancer detection compared to digital mammogram screening alone. It lessens callback time, speedily detects cancer, sees past dense tissues, and is overall safer for your body.

Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Piñas is proud to introduce our new 3D Mammo Tomosynthesis at our Women’s Healthcare and Diagnostic Center. Let us provide you with a faster and easier way to detect possible signs of breast cancer.

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