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5 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cardiovascular Health

What are lifestyle changes you can make to improve cardiovascular health?

  1. Heart Healthy Diet
  2. Reaching Your Ideal Weight for Your Height
  3. Exercise to Improve Your Heart
  4. Quit Smoking and Drinking
  5. Lessen Stress


If you come from a long line of descendants with heart conditions, then it may be for the best to take precaution as to not have the same fate. To be certain that you do not have a heart condition, get regular check-ups at Las Piñas hospitals. In the case that you do have a cardiovascular condition, it may be for the best to change certain parts of your lifestyle.


Read on to learn about lifestyle changes that can improve cardiovascular health.


Heart Healthy Diet

The first steps to improve cardiovascular health is done through a complete change in the way you eat. Doctors will prescribe that you lower the amount of sodium you consume as it can affect the amount of fluids in your body. Once you decrease your sodium intake, it will also effectively lower your blood pressure. Another way you can keep your body healthy is by choosing to let go of processed food as these can contain large quantities of unhealthy fat.

Instead, replace these types of food with heart-healthy dishes made with vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fish, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Other types of food that you should avoid if you have a cardiovascular condition are those with high levels of trans fat and added sugar. Besides improving the overall condition of your body, eating healthy can also help you reach the ideal weight for your height.


Reaching Your Ideal Weight for Your Height

One reason that could have caused the development of a heart condition is being overweight or obese. The extra weight adds pressure to your heart, which could have been one of the causes of cardiovascular conditions. In order to compute for the ideal weight for people of your height, you will need to compute for your Body Mass Index (BMI). It is derived by dividing your body mass with the square of your body height. There are online calculators that can help you compute for your BMI.

If you find that you are over the recommended weight for your height group, then you may want to start incorporating more exercise and proper diet into your daily routines.


Exercise to Improve Your Heart

Incorporating at least a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise a week can be greatly beneficial in improving your cardiovascular health. Not only can it reduce your weight, but it can also effectively reduce the strain your body has on your heart. You could also decrease bad LDL cholesterol levels and increase good HDL cholesterol levels. By increasing your physical exercise, you are lowering your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

While it is important to exercise, take note that for some heart conditions, it may be better if you do not overexert your body. To be sure, consult with your doctor regarding what your limitations are in terms of exercises.


Quit Smoking and Drinking

If you regularly indulge in smoking and drinking and discover that you have a heart condition, then you will need to stop all types of vices in order to give yourself the best quality of life. Smoking can increase the possibility of a heart attack or the worsening of your current heart condition. If someone around your household smokes, encourage them to stop as secondhand smoke would also be a great risk to your health.

On the other hand, drinking can raise your blood pressure, which could lead to a stroke. Another negative effect drinking has on your heart is that it could contribute to high triglycerides which could cause an irregularity in your heartbeat. Alcohol could also lead to incidents that would further stress your mind out, which is not good for someone with a heart condition.


Lessen Stress

Circumstances that could lead to a heart attack or angina are instances of excessive anger or other extreme emotional responses. Stress is also a contributor to high blood pressure and the risk of other, more extreme cardiovascular diseases. Talk with your doctor to think of the best and healthiest way for you to deal with stress. Try not to fall back on unhealthy vices such as substance abuse or smoking.

These are just some of the lifestyle changes you can make to your daily routine in order to better improve cardiovascular health. Do your research well to find other lifestyle changes that could be good for you and your condition.


Key Takeaway

If you get a checkup at one of the trusted Las Piñas hospitals and are diagnosed with a heart condition, then you must make some lifestyle changes to lengthen your lifespan. Be careful with the amount and the type of food you are consuming as certain types of food can put more pressure on your heart. Opt for heart-healthy food that can effectively lower your blood pressure. Do some research as well on the ideal weight for your height in order to lessen the pressure it has on your heart. And finally, refrain from indulging in vices such as alcohol and smoking.


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