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What is Lap Chole?

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What is Lap Chole?

  1. It removes the gallbladder
  2. It’s used to remove gallstones
  3. It’s an alternative to open cholecystectomy
  4. It’s easy to prepare for
  5. It’s high in demand


For problems with gallstones, laparoscopic cholecystectomy can help solve your troubles. There are many hospitals locally that offer this type of surgery but the Perpetual Help Medical Center offers a competitive lap chole price in the Philippines. Lap chole services are currently high in demand. If you’re a person who’s been experiencing abdominal pain, constipation, and gassiness, you can approach an expert at PHMC to help you get started.


It Removes The Gallbladder

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The gallbladder is a pear-shaped pouch that sits under the liver. The gallbladder’s job is to store bile produced by the liver. Before meals, the gallbladder will be filled with bile. Then after meals, this would be emptied out and flattened.

The gallbladder responds to the body’s signals and squeezes out the bile into the small intestine through ducts. Bile’s job is to help digest fat and food. Removing the gallbladder has no observable problems, but there is a small risk of diarrhea and malabsorption of fat.

Lap chole is a surgery that removes your gallbladder. In the past, doctors would have had to remove the gallbladder through open surgery but now it’s much safer. Instead, the doctor will use several small incisions as opposed to large ones. Your doctor will use a laparoscope and insert this through the incision. This gives your doctor an accurate view of your gallbladder on the screen. The gallbladder is then removed after making another minuscule incision.


It’s Used to Remove Gallstones

Lap chole is a procedure that’s also used to remove stones in the gallbladder. Since the gallbladder stores bile, the formation of gallstones can clog the ducts. When you experience clogging, this can cause bloating, nausea, vomiting, and pain in different areas of your body. If you feel these symptoms plus pain in your stomach, shoulders, back, or chest, you may have gallstones. Gallstones also put your gallbladder in danger as it can cause the gallbladder to become infected. You may also experience jaundice or an irritated pancreas.


It’s an Alternative to Open Cholecystectomy

A doctor holding a female patient's hand while she's on the hospital bed

Lap chole is a better alternative to open surgery. This surgery can help you return to your normal routine sooner and is less painful. The recovery time is also shorter. Open surgery requires the muscles of the abdomen to be cut open, but this surgery only uses small incisions and a laparoscope.

Expect with a lap chole that you’ll only stay overnight. Open surgeries require you to stay in the hospital for longer periods. This effective, high-demand surgery can ensure that you return to work and your normal routine as soon as possible. So long as you don’t have complications such as excessive bleeding and history of previous surgery in your gallbladder, you can definitely proceed with this surgery.


It’s Easy to Prepare For

It’s very easy to prepare for your lap chole. You will first need a full physical examination and tests. These tests are done to make sure that you’re healthy and capable of having surgery. The doctor will then talk to you about the risks and benefits of the surgery. Make sure to ask additional questions during this time.

You will be presented with a waiver to sign. Your doctor will enumerate what you need to do before and after the surgery. Commonly, you will be asked to shower the night before or the same morning. They might also ask you to fast before the surgery. If you need medicines beforehand, your doctor will also instruct you on how to take it.

After surgery, it’s smooth sailing. You should have someone drive you home from surgery or have a companion with you if you’re staying overnight.


It’s High in Demand

Close up of a doctor and an elderly woman patient in an appointment

As mentioned earlier, there is currently a high demand for lap chole. At the Perpetual Help Medical Center Las Piñas, you can avail of an inpatient package if you are experiencing symptoms and have a gallstone diagnosis. You will get a thorough evaluation that can help alleviate the pain.

PHMC’s inpatient package is inclusive of 3-day room accommodations and professional fees for as low as PHP109,600. This package also includes the total cost of operations, medicines, supplies, histopathology, and professional fees. This all in one package is perfect if you’re busy and have no time to shift to different doctors. If you need surgery as soon as possible, this is a great and affordable option to solve your gallstone and gallbladder problems.


Key Takeaway

Lap chole prices in the Philippines are an all-in-one affordable, competitive price and package you can rely on. If you’ve been having problems and symptoms related to your gallbladder and gallstones, get examined now. Health and wellness are an investment most people overlook. Don’t make the same mistake. Go to PHMC Las Piñas now to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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