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6 Advantages of Integrative Medicine at Las Piñas Hospitals

June 28, 2019

What are the advantages of integrative medicine at Las Piñas hospitals?

  1.   Develops Trust Between Doctor and Patient
  2.   Uses Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Medication
  3.   Emphasis on Non-Invasive Treatments
  4.   Tackles More Than Physical Health
  5.   Promotes Illness Prevention
  6.   Personalized Care


Integrative medicine in Las Piñas hospitals attempts to return the equilibrium of the human body in terms of mind, body, and spirit in order to reach peak health. It uses a combination of mainstream medical procedures with complementary and alternative medicine. Integrative medicine doctors deeply value their relationship with their patients. Their goal is to prescribe a treatment which perfectly fits their conditions.

Besides prescribing medication, another aim of this type is to prevent the development of a disease in the first place. Thus, integrative medicine promotes an active and healthy lifestyle to ensure the long term well-being of its patients.


Read on to learn more about the advantages of integrative medicine.


Develops Trust Between Doctor and Patient

Integrative medicine focuses on developing a partnership between doctor and patient. It introduces a new form of looking at a clinician’s role in a patient’s life. Traditional medicine utilizes specific treatments for a wide number of people. The difference with the approach of integrative medicine is that a holistic and integrative approach is used to determine what it is the patient actually needs.

This bond will establish a healthy communication between the doctor and the patient in order for them to craft the most ideal treatment plan. They must take into consideration lifestyle changes to quicken the natural healing process of the body and any stances the patient may have on different forms of treatments. The specification of a treatment plan that makes use of traditional and alternative approaches can better target the patient’s specific areas of distress.


Uses Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Medication

The goal of integrative medicine is to promote healing with the least invasive and most cost-effective solutions. Instead of the patient needing to go through multiple specialized doctors, this type of medicine believes that all symptoms branch from one root cause. Alternative and traditional approaches are used to find this root cause and treat the symptoms all at once. The overall goal is to return the natural balance of the body.

If a traditional procedure such as surgery is needed, non-invasive methods will be used in order to speed up the patient’s recuperation. For those with a disease where there is a difficulty obtaining a cure, a therapy that focuses on the betterment of their entire well-being becomes the focus. Yoga and meditation are used to balance the mind and spirit of the patient. This will help reduce stress and will put the body in a state of relaxation, encouraging the natural healing ability of the body.


Emphasis on Non-Invasive Treatments

Integrative medicine believes that the side effects of certain treatments can cause more pain and discomfort to the patient than the sickness that is being treated. In order to reduce this possibility, this type of medicine focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal. By strengthening the human body, the patient can avoid treatments that could have these negative effects. However, since integrative medicine also uses traditional approaches, invasive surgery is available for those whose serious condition needs it.

Non-invasive treatments such as yoga make use of relaxation techniques that can help lessen pain and lower blood sugar. It can also help boost your metabolism and respiration, improving the body’s ability to reach equilibrium. It can also greatly reduce the possibility of future injuries by strengthening the entire system. Integrative medicine values, not just physical health, but mental and spiritual health too.


Tackles More Than Physical Health

According to integrative medicine, the body has a natural state of equilibrium. Symptoms of illness and disease are a sign that a certain disruption has affected the balance. That is why the focus of integrative medicine is not on the disease itself, but on the treatment based on wellness, vitality, and healing. Treatment plans are made based on the history of the patient, their current state of mind, and their present lifestyle.

Finding out that you have an illness will cause stress in any person’s mind. A strain on mental and spiritual health may add more harmful components into the body. High levels of stress can lead to inflammation and high blood pressure. All factors that could influence health need to be taken into consideration when treating a sickness: whether biological, psychosocial, behavioral, and environmental. Figuring out what could be adding more unnecessary effects on your body can help in the prevention of a worse condition.


Promotes Illness Prevention

Promotes Illness Prevention

Besides treating your current sickness, doctors of integrative medicine aim to prevent the development of other forms of diseases. Preventive medicine focuses on your future health situation. By understanding your current status, you will be able to create proactive solutions to address these problems before they even occur. This could be in terms of developing immunity, boosting your nutritional status, as well as taking control of hormonal imbalances.

They will educate you on the different steps you can take to lower your chances of acquiring the illness. Even genetic illnesses can be prevented if you live the right kind of lifestyle. This is the kind of personalized care that integrative medicine makes use of.


Personalized Care

Personalized care is key to integrative medication because each patient has different needs. It is important to understand that each patient’s sickness is caused by individual circumstances in their lives that make it so. In the initial integrative assessment, parts of the patient’s lives such as their environment and their personal relationships are taken into consideration. This patient-centered style of medicine promotes health in all aspects of their lives


Key Takeaway

The patient-centered focus of integrative medicine in Las Piñas hospitals is what makes it unique from other forms of treatment. This means that each of its solutions aims to provide the patient with the most non-invasive treatments that cater to their whole well-being. Besides their physical health, mental health is also taken into consideration to achieve the natural equilibrium of the human body.


Interested? Do some more research on integrative medicine and how it can help you go back to your body’s natural balance.

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