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How To Prepare For A Cesarean Section Delivery

September 8, 2020
A pregnant woman preparing for a cesarean delivery


How can you be prepared for a cesarean section delivery?

  1. Talk With Your Doctor About Your Birth Plan
  2. Keep Yourself Occupied While Waiting
  3. Clear Out Your Bowels
  4. Stock Your Birth Bag
  5. Always Follow Wound Care Instructions


All women are entitled to their own choice of birth for the arrival of their little one. While some prefer vaginal births, there are mothers who would rather have a cesarean section delivery in the Philippines.

While you are anticipating the arrival of your baby, take this time to prepare your body. Since cesarean delivery is a type of major surgery, there are some things you should do to help get your body and emotions ready before, throughout, and after childbirth.

Whether your delivery is planned or not, you should still be equipped with a few pieces of knowledge since births can take some twists and turns. Continue reading for a guide that can help you have a seamless and worry-free cesarean delivery!


Talk With Your Doctor About Your Birth Plan

A cesarean delivery

If you are hoping for a C-section delivery, make sure that you bring it up with your doctor during your appointments or prenatal care sessions. Remember that they know what’s best for you, your body, and your baby. They may even provide you with extra steps to take for preparedness.

Make sure that you also voice any concerns or questions you have in mind. Talking to your doctor will also inform you about the exact or estimated date of your cesarean delivery.


Keep Yourself Occupied While Waiting

If you’re scheduled for a C-section, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen right away once you get to the hospital. There may be a bit of waiting time. During this period, make sure to keep yourself occupied. Pre-operation is usually the time when mothers become most anxious and overwhelmed. Take this as an opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and to calm your mind.


Clear Out Your Bowels

A woman waiting for her cesarean delivery

Typically, after surgery, your bowel may not be as active because of the medications you were given for anesthesia and pain. Before you head into a cesarean section delivery, you can either clear out your bowels or eat lightly to avoid gas and bloating afterward.


Stock Your Birth Bag

Birth bags or delivery bags are highly recommended to ensure preparedness in any type of birth. It is never a bad idea to prepare beforehand. When you are packing your bag before your cesarean section delivery, apart from the essentials, add in some of these specific items to help you all throughout.

  • Entertainment (books, card games, movies, music, etc.) to keep yourself occupied and less anxious while waiting.
  • Pants that come up to your waist. Regular types of pants will rub, causing friction and soreness to your C-section wound.
  • Loose and comfortable clothing that won’t put any pressure on your skin.
  • Extra pillows or your feeding pillow to make feeding more comfortable for you and the baby.
  • Extra essentials and supplies. A cesarean section delivery will keep you in the hospital longer than a vaginal delivery.
  • Tea or any recommended food that relieves bloating caused by your irregular bowel movement.


Always Follow Wound Care Instructions

A woman after cesarean delivery

Now that your little one has finally made an entrance into the world, the next thing you have to do is heal from your cesarean section delivery. After delivering your baby, your doctor will inform you of the best incision care tips. Make sure that you follow them religiously to help you heal faster.

Don’t neglect this. Taking care of yourself after undergoing a cesarean section delivery is just as important as taking care of your newborn. Call your doctor if you have any concerns about your health or if you’ve been experiencing unusual symptoms such as swelling, fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, difficulty breathing, or severe pain.


Key Takeaway

Whether or not you’ve scheduled a cesarean section delivery, it’s essential to always be armed with knowledge and tips for readiness. Use this guide to prepare both your body and mind before your baby makes an arrival.

Here at the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Pinas, we only want the best for you and your little one. We offer the best medical professionals and facilities for a smooth, seamless, and safe cesarean section delivery in the Philippines.

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