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What Is Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery?

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What is coronary artery bypass graft surgery?

  1. Recommended for those with coronary artery disease
  2. Blood vessels are grafted
  3. You experience less chest pain and fewer symptoms
  4. Better quality of life after surgery
  5. Provides long term success


In 2018, according to the data of WHO, the number of deaths from coronary heart disease reached a total of 120,800. This made up for 19.83% of total deaths back then. It ranked at the top of the list of leading causes of death in the nation, along with other cardiovascular complications such as hypertension and heart inflammation. Up until this day, heart disease is still the leading cause of mortality within the country. In line with this matter, we thought it would be the perfect time to tackle coronary artery bypass graft surgery in the Philippines and its benefits.


Recommended For Those With Coronary Artery Disease

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But first, what happens to a heart with coronary heart disease? To put it simply, this is when one or more of your coronary arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart gets clogged or narrowed. As a result, your doctor may recommend coronary artery bypass graft surgery for treatment. It is one of the best options for it.

The surgery is not limited to coronary heart disease. In fact, your doctor might consider you for a coronary artery bypass graft surgery for heart attacks and other emergency situations. It is also performed along with other heart surgeries such as valve surgery or surgery for an abnormal heartbeat.


Blood Vessels Are Grafted

What happens during coronary artery bypass graft surgery? Here, a blood vessel is grafted between the main artery leading from the heart (or aorta) and the coronary artery (or arteries) leading to the heart muscle. This will allow the blood to bypass the blocked arteries and restore normal blood flow. The procedure takes around three hours or longer, depending on your condition. As a result, you will reap many benefits and advantages.


You Experience Less Chest Pain and Fewer Symptoms

An old woman having chest pain

Chest pain, or angina, is one of the top symptoms of individuals who suffer from coronary heart disease. It is also by far the most uncomfortable symptom. Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is one form of interventional treatment for this matter. It diminishes the plaque that builds up on the artery walls that restricts blood flow. According to an article by Seconds Count, many individuals have witnessed a drop in complications after undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. More than 95% percent of patients who undergo the procedure do not experience serious complications.


Better Quality Of Life After Surgery

One of the best outcomes of this procedure is the obtainment of symptom relief and the long-term improvement in function and quality of life. Consequently, outcomes such as physical functioning, symptoms, quality of life, and patient satisfaction represent important outcome measurements after surgical intercessions. Individuals who suffer from coronary heart disease generally live longer when they undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery as compared to other treatments.


Provides Long Term Success

A young man recovering after a stroke

If you undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery, life-threatening or stubborn blockages in your heart arteries will be corrected. You will experience all its benefits after recovery.

Note that this is not a cure for any heart disease. It may help control your symptoms excellently, but it does not fix the underlying disease that caused it. For you to reap all the benefits of this surgery, you will need to make and maintain changes to your lifestyle as well. It is also recommended to join a cardiac rehabilitation program to provide practical health and improve the quality of your life afterward even more. When you get home from the hospital, focus on making steady improvement, take medications if your doctor prescribes it, and eat a healthy diet.


Key Takeaway

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is a great advancement to treat the symptoms of many cardiovascular diseases. It can save your life if you are having a heart attack or if you are at high risk of having one. If you are considering coronary artery bypass graft surgery in the Philippines, the Perpetual Help Medical Center – Las Pinas will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

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