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The Different Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

July 25, 2020
A man having erectile dysfunction

What are the different treatments for erectile dysfunction?

  1. Physical Therapy Or Exercise
  2. Oral Medications
  3. Self-Injection Therapy
  4. Vacuum Erection Devices
  5. Surgery: Insertion Of Penile Implants
  6. Making Lifestyle Changes


For most men, the inability to produce or sustain an erection may be a fairly challenging topic to bring up. Don’t bring yourself down because of it as there is a possibility that things may be out of your control. Have you persistently experienced the inability to maintain or get an erection? Do you have a reduced desire for sex? Then there is a high chance that you have erectile dysfunction (ED). Fortunately, there are many kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments.

Since causes and severity vary for erectile dysfunction, you may need to undergo tests to find the right kind of treatment plan for you. Here are some of the options.


Physical Therapy Or Exercise

In some cases of erectile dysfunction, physical therapy is needed. You may need to work with a physical therapist on this, or your doctor may discuss an exercise plan that is specific to your case. One of the most common and beneficial erectile dysfunction exercises that are recommended to patients is Kegels. These exercises target and strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle. This is the muscle that enables the penis to be filled with blood during an erection, pumps throughout ejaculation, and cleans out the urethra after urination.


Oral Medications

A man drinking oral medication

Do not self-medicate when you have erectile dysfunction. Always speak to your doctor before taking any oral medications to learn how it can affect your health. Prescription medications will be prescribed to you only if needed. To give you an overview of what you can expect from medication, some of the oral prescriptions that can be recommended to you are sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil. These medications enhance the effects of nitric oxide and increase penile blood flow. You may even be prescribed testosterone if you have low levels of it to help your erectile dysfunction.


Self-Injection Therapy

Another treatment for erectile dysfunction is self-injection therapy. You are required to have the first shot of this in the doctor’s office before doing it on your own. This will train you on how to inject properly and safely. Here, you will be using a fine needle to inject a bimix (a combination of two medications) or trimix (a combination of three medications) into the base of your penis. These will help your blood vessels expand and create an erection that will last for at least 50 minutes.


Vacuum Erection Devices

A happy Asian couple in bed

Vacuum erection devices are often recommended as a treatment for anxiety-based erectile dysfunction. A vacuum constriction device, or VCD, will be given to you to be placed on your penis. This can be used to get and maintain an erection. How does it work? The vacuum will draw blood into the shaft of the penis to make it swell and become erect, and the band that is attached to the pump can help maintain it.


Surgery: Insertion Of Penile Implants

Surgical options and more invasive treatments for erectile dysfunction also exist. This is possible through penile implants. However, this is usually recommended for people who have severe cases of erectile dysfunction and for individuals who have not experienced improvement after trying other methods.

The treatment of a penile implant involves surgically placing a prosthetic device into the penis and the scrotum. There are two types of devices that can be recommended to you. The inflatable implant will allow you to control when and how long you have an erection. On the other hand, the malleable (bendable) rods will keep your penis firm but bendable. As a result, these will help you achieve an erection and regain your sexual function. Depending on your doctor, the life expectancy of penis implants varies from five to twenty years.


Making Lifestyle Changes

A man boxing

One of the foremost causes of erectile dysfunction is unhealthy lifestyle habits and choices. Poor diet, smoking, excessive drinking, stress, and mental health issues are some of its common risk factors. Modify your lifestyle even without your doctor telling you to do so. Pairing lifestyle changes with your treatment can even make treatment more effective.

Lifestyle changes can go a long way to not only your erectile dysfunction but your overall health as well. Here are some of the lifestyle modifications you can make to help treat (and prevent) erectile dysfunction:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Quit smoking and excessive drinking
  • Reduce the amount of stress in your life
  • Manage your medical conditions


Key Takeaway

It may be worth making a trip to your doctor if you’ve been experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This will help you find the most fitting erectile dysfunction treatment for you. If you’re looking for treatment locally, visit ALTA Integrative Medicine of the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Pinas! Here you have convenient access to treatment and you will be working with a specialized team of doctors for a thorough diagnosis.

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