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Perpetual Health Medical Center: Executive Checkup Packages in Las Pinas

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What are the executive checkup packages in Las Pinas?

  1. Comprehensive Executive Check-Up
  2. Basic Cardiac Package
  3. Colonoscopy
  4. Gastroscopy
  5. Diabetes Package
  6. Pedia Packages

If you’re looking for the best and most affordable executive checkup packages in Las Pinas, then PHMC is your first choice. They have a range of packages for anyone looking to detect potential health risks and other illnesses. Anyone wanting to get a checkup for their heart, stomach, sugar levels, prostate, or colon can avail of these budget-friendly assessments that can help make changes for a better lifestyle.

PHMC’s executive packages include the following: comprehensive executive check-up, basic cardiac package, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, diabetes package, prostate screening package, pedia packages, pap smear, and many other add-ons. Continue reading to learn more.

Comprehensive Executive Checkup

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For people who just want to have an idea of their current health situation, they can take advantage of PHMC’s Comprehensive Executive Checkup. Here, you will be offered with a detailed assessment and diagnostics that give a clear picture on the quality of your health and lifestyle.

With a comprehensive checkup, you’ll be able to find out any potential risk factors that you may have for a particular illness or disease. Doing this on a regular basis also allows you to maintain your health and discover any underlying conditions as a preventative health measure.

The comprehensive checkup will include — but will not be limited to — the following: a physical examination for vitals — i.e. temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc, urine test, stool test, x-ray scanning, screening, and medical counselling. Make it a point to have a doctor conduct your regular check-ups with this package.

Basic Cardiac Package

The risk for cardiovascular disease among men and women at the age of 60 years old and above, was estimated to be more than 76%. Although there is no clear cause for the occurrence of this type of disease, there are several risk factors that may give you a higher chance of having underlying health problems.

Staying on top of your heart health should be a key priority in your life, whether you are of old age or not. The PHMC Basic Cardiac Package not only offers an all-around view of your heart status, but it also comes at an affordable price of just Php 4,000 for people looking to have their bi-annual or quarterly checkup.

The package will also include counselling for a healthier diet, especially for patients that have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high alcohol consumption, high fatty food intake, and the like.


 Doctor holding endoscope before gastroscopy

There’s no harm for you or your loved ones in getting a colonoscopy. Although it is an invasive procedure, it is pain-free and can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes to one hour. If you haven’t undergone this procedure, it is done to detect any early warning signs of potential cancers. A colonoscopy can help you figure out whether there is a presence of ulcers or polyps in your body which may eventually become cancerous without removal.

Aside from colon cancer, this important medical procedure can also help your doctor diagnose any bowel diseases and other related conditions that you may have. Whether you’re a young adult, in your late 20s, 40s, etc, there’s no reason not to benefit from colonoscopy — the ideal procedure for colon cancer screening and detection.


Stomach and bowel problems are fairly common among different age groups, but this doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. Some symptoms like constipation, heartburn, or acidity can bring about lasting discomfort, especially if they’re not addressed as soon as possible.

Although none of these issues are a cause for concern, it’s still better to take a gastroscopy exam. Anyone who wants to maintain their digestive functioning can now do so, with the help of PHMC.

A simple 15-minute checkup can determine whether or not you have certain conditions, like gastritis, GERD, celiac disease, stomach flu, and so on. Take this chance to undergo screening now so you can live comfortably and healthily.

Diabetes Package

Doctor checking blood glucose level for insulin determination in patient

PHMC also offers a diabetes checkup package for anyone, including those who may already have problems with their blood sugar. Like all of the previous packages, the diabetes checkup is affordable, yet effective and will give the patients information about their diet and lifestyle habits, blood pressure, risk for CVD, and many more.

Having a diabetes checkup ensures that you are monitoring your blood sugar levels properly. It can also help people with the condition find other effective treatments that can help them track their progress.

Pedia Packages

At such a young age, children can be more prone to diseases and illnesses. Keeping this in mind, it’s important as early as now that they also undergo professional medical checkup by pediatricians.

PHMC pedia packages include the following: fecalysis, dengue, child obesity, CBC, urinalysis, and child obesity packages. Their pedia specialists are trained to care for children’s mental, emotional, and behavioral health, not just the physical aspect. This is so that your child can enjoy an active lifestyle, while making sure that any minor or serious conditions are treated as early as possible.

Key Takeaway

PHMC’s executive checkup packages in Las Pinas are affordable and available for everyone — whether you’re looking for a basic health checkup, or a comprehensive checkup procedure that also helps you address any health risks and conditions.

We have pedia packages for children, diabetes packages, gastroscopy, endoscopy, comprehensive checkups, basic cardiac package, and many more. Although not on this list, we also offer other screening services like thyroid, hepatitis, stone screening, prostate screening, and other add-ons.

You can learn more about our packages by contacting us at (02) 8874-ALTA / (02) 8874-8515 loc. 168. You may also reach us here for more information.

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