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What Are The Benefits of Radiation Therapy?

A woman getting radiation therapy

What are the benefits of radiation therapy?

  1. It’s different from chemotherapy
  2. Can cure or shrink early-stage cancer
  3. Can stop cancer in its tracks
  4. Can treat advanced symptoms and recurring cells
  5. Can be done on an outpatient basis


There are many different kinds of treatment for cancer patients. If you’re looking for treatment locally, radiation therapy in Las Piñas may be suitable for you. For normal cells in a normal patient, cells grow and divide to form new ones. However, with cancer patients, cancer cells grow and divide at an accelerated speed.

Cancer cells form because the body is unable to control itself normally. Instead of old cells dying off, these cells lose control and form new, abnormal cells. Radiation therapy targets these abnormalities and prevents them from spreading even further. Here are notable benefits you can get from radiation therapy.


It’s Different From Chemotherapy

A woman having chemotherapy

Radiation therapy differs from chemotherapy. Radiation targets the DNA inside the cells and makes small breaks. These breaks prevent cancer cells from growing, which eventually causes them to die. Take note that the normal cells around the radiation area may be affected, but it can recover and return to normal conditions.

On the other hand, chemotherapy exposes the entire body to anti-cancer drugs. This can cause significant damage to multiple parts of a patient’s body. It can cause weakness as well as lengthen a patient’s recovery time from the treatment. With radiation therapy, the treatment is localized. It’s only aimed at the parts of the body that need treatment. As much as possible, the nearby cells are kept healthy.


It Can Cure or Shrink Early Stage Cancer

Did you know that some cancers are very reactive to radiation? Radiation can be used alone to make cancer cells shrink or be eradicated completely. Your doctor will determine if you require a few cycles of chemotherapy or another type of treatment.

Before you consider surgery, talk to your doctor about the type of cancer you have. Some forms of cancer can be shrunk with radiation before surgery. Other types of cancer require a combination of surgery and radiation to prevent cancer cells from coming back. Radiation causes less damage and there’s a higher chance that the affected organ can go back to working the way it should after therapy.

If needed, radiation and chemotherapy can be used at the same time for certain cancer cells. Specific chemotherapy drugs can make cancer cells more sensitive to radiation. But do take note that there’s a huge drawback to using this combination: you can experience heightened side effects.


It Can Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

X-ray of lung cancer

The most difficult part about cancer is that the cells can start spreading to other, unaffected body parts. Upon your diagnosis, some cancer cells may already spread through the body. Even if these are difficult to detect through imaging scans, it’s better to treat the most affected area to prevent any cancer cells from spreading further. The result of early prevention can stop cancer in its tracks. Radiation therapy can be done to prevent future cancer cells from forming. This can be done during the treatment of your existing cancer cells.


It Can Treat Advanced Symptoms and Recurring Cells

Cancer is unpredictable and it can spread to the point that you’re unable to cure it. However, there’s still a chance for these tumors to shrink and help you manage the pain. Radiation can target problems such as pain, bowel blockages, breathing, and trouble swallowing. These symptoms are caused by advanced cancers. If there’s any chance to relieve these symptoms, it’s a much wiser choice.

Recurring cancer can also be treated with radiation therapy. It can target specific areas where cancer has reoccured. However, your doctor may not be able to use radiation again if a specific part of the body has been treated already. This can be dependent on the amount of radiation previously used. If the tumors do not react to the therapy, your doctor will recommend other methods.


It Can Be Done On An Outpatient Basis

A man holding his wife who has cancer

Radiation therapy is a great alternative to other forms of cancer therapy because it can be done on an outpatient basis. Having this type of therapy done will not disrupt your schedule. You can still go about your daily routine after an hour depending on where you get the therapy done. Since radiation therapy is done quickly, you don’t need to stay at the hospital overnight.


Key Takeaway

Radiation therapy can target cancer cells locally. It’s a quick process that can prevent and eradicate cancer cells. If you’re planning to have radiation therapy in Las Piñas or elsewhere, your doctor will give you a thorough diagnosis before starting.

Radiation therapy might be a better option for you depending on the severity of your condition. It can be used with other chemotherapy drugs and boost its effectiveness.

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