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Stent Placement For The Heart: How Does It Work?

April 4, 2020
Graphics of a stent placement in an artery

How does a stent placement for the heart work?

  1. It Improves Quality Of Life
  2. Eliminates Need For Coronary Bypass Surgery
  3. Better Blood Flow
  4. Fewer Risks For Heart Damage


Heart attacks and strokes are still the most common causes of death today. You may already be aware of the risks and reasons why these happen, but it all sums up to the buildup of plaque in the arteries of the heart. Patients that are diagnosed with blocked arteries can undergo a stent placement in Las Piñas at the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Piñas.

You should know the risks and outcomes when you fail to address cardiovascular concerns. It can cause a complete blockage of the heart, which hinders the supply of the oxygen-rich blood it needs to function efficiently. This will eventually result in symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and may end up with a heart attack. Read on to see how a stent placement in the heart works and how this can be beneficial for you.


It Improves Quality Of Life

A grandchild with his grandfather after heart surgery

Who needs to undergo a stent placement? Individuals who suffer from blocked arteries are primarily the ones who get recommended with this procedure. Heart attacks and strokes should be accommodated promptly and stent placements have excellently and effectively treated these medical emergencies. Stents also treat patients who have been experiencing symptoms of heart disease beforehand. When tests are done and show that there is a blockage in their main arteries, an emergency stent procedure may also be performed.


Eliminates Need For Coronary Bypass Surgery

Surgery on a patient's heart

Placing a stent does not require open surgery. It is a relatively simple and quick procedure that uses a small incision in the arm or leg to approach the affected arteries and veins. A small catheter is then pushed through the incision and inserted into the blocked artery. Doctors who perform this procedure get to monitor and see the whole process through a live x-ray feed. It is much less invasive and the recovery and downtime are a lot shorter compared to the months required for you to heal from bypass surgery. After a stent procedure is done, you will be monitored for a short number of days and may be able to return to work and your normal routine.


Better Blood Flow

Graphics of a clear artery with good blood flow

A stent procedure can immediately improve blood flow throughout the body’s arteries. The moment the catheter reaches the damaged and blocked area of the artery, it will be placed in such a way that it restores the blood flow back to normal.

Stents, just like any other kind of surgery, do a significant job in prolonging life. However, if you do not make the right lifestyle choices through what you consume and do on a daily basis, the damage will continue to grow and could possibly cause the artery to collapse. Take advantage of the great benefits that stents can give you by taking steps to control your cholesterol intake and living a healthier lifestyle.


Fewer Risks For Heart Damage

An woman on a wheelchair having a heart attack

More people and doctors are opting to undergo a heart stent procedure because it doesn’t only help treat and stabilize heart emergencies, but it also reduces the risk of getting them beforehand. It seeks to prevent the artery from becoming blocked again and lead to worse complications in your heart. Stent procedures give patients the opportunity to live longer, be safer, and feel better in spite of their cardiovascular concerns. In fact, patients who have experienced undergoing a heart stent have expressed their relief right away.


Key Takeaway

There is no certainty when heart attacks and strokes will arise. When your findings show that you have blocked arteries, doctors in the Philippines may recommend you undergo a stent placement in Las Piñas to give you great benefits. At Perpetual Help Medical Center-Las Piñas, we save lives through heart surgeries and procedures such as stent placements. We are equipped with innovative and advanced technology that can improve your chances to live a better lifestyle. Click here to contact us now!

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